In 1976 the Squaxin Island Tribe purchased the Kamilche Valley School which became its first official Tribal Center, police headquarters and Kamilche Trading Post (a convenience grocery and gas station). Shortly thereafter the Tribe purchased Harstine Oyster Company (now Salish Seafoods) which includes 5 acres of uplands and 5 acres of tidelands on Harstine Island.  Pristine Squaxin Island, a quick skip across Peale Passage from Salish Seafoods, remains the primary growing area.

In order to streamline business accounting functions, the Tribe developed Island Enterprises, Inc. The sole purpose is to diversify and strengthen the economy of the Squaxin Island Tribe. Subsidiaries now include a small convenience store/gas station (KTP) franchise, Kamilche Cafe & Espresso, Ta-Qwo-Ma Business Development Center, Island Search & Consulting, Salish Seafoods and, the newest, Island Enterprises Construction LLC.



Corporate Executive Officer – Kelly Croman

Corporate Operations Officer – Dave Johns

Corporate Financial Officer  - Richard Sweeney

Contact Information:
Island Enterprises, Inc.
3591 SE Old Olympic Highway
Shelton, WA  98584