Native Sun Grown

The Squaxin Island Tribe broke ground for Native Sun Grown in March of 2017.  This is the first tribal marijuana grow site in the State of Washington, consisting of 5+ acres situated on the Olympic peninsula northwest of Olympia, Washington.    The Squaxin Island Tribe has a long and storied history of farming the tidelands of South Puget Sound which is still being written today. With stewardship and respect, transitioning to upland farming integrates seamlessly with Squaxin’s other operations. NSG provides sun grown outdoor Grade A product to Washington State’s recreational market.


Surrounded by water to the north, south and east, the combination of salty sea air, light constant breeze, and sandy loam soil provides ideal growing conditions and unmatched terroir.  Each spring plots are amended with local organic compost and our babies are lovingly planted by hand. We use traditional farming practices and a custom, all natural, organic fertilizer program to bring out the best in our strains. As fall arrives, Mother Nature graciously flushes out the fields leading to superb flavors and the lack of pesticide use provides a smooth clean smoke.

Local. Sustainable. All Natural.

Salmon Safe Certification pending