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Tribal member Michael Ogden

Tribal member Michael Ogden

Skookum Creek Tobacco is a small tobacco manufacturing company located about 20 minutes west of Olympia, in Shelton, WA. Located in the lush rainforest landscape of the Pacific Northwest, Skookum Creek Tobacco, a 100% tribally owned entity, operates on a federally recognized Indian Reservation. The factory was formed to diversify tribal enterprises to help ensure the economic future of the Squaxin Island Tribe. Profits from Skookum Creek are designated to support crucial infrastructure such as health care, education, economic development and to provide vital employment opportunities for tribal members.

Ceremonial tobacco use has been an element of Indian culture for centuries. A natural evolution of those traditions is tobacco manufacturing. Skookum Creek honors our heritage by manufacturing exceptional premium quality tobacco products. We are proud to call ourselves a tribally owned business with a social conscience.

Our mission is to be the premier micro-brewery of the tobacco manufacturing world.  We offer a variety of products, from high quality cigarettes to Roll-Your Own and cigars, including hand-rolled Dominican Cigars.

Call (360) 462-3446 for information about Factory Tours! Come see how cigarettes are made!

Our products
Skookum Creek Tobacco Company manufactures Complete and Premis cigarettes, Island Blendz little filtered cigars and Island Blendz premium cigars.